Chips for Supper

Avoiding the greatest thing on earth — chips for supper


It’s like a desert…

My skin is always so dry.

It’s a relatively new thing for me. In highschool, my skin was usually oily and I broke out.

But now that I’m 30 I’ve noticed that my skin and lips are usually dry. I don’t wear makeup, and I get that random zit every 28 days.

I’m using Garnier Skin Naturals Fresh after my shower and Softlips Raspberry whenever I remember.

Are there any moisturizers and chapsticks that work better? What are your favourites?


[on a side note, other than having a white background for my blog, is there a way to remove the white background of the pics?]


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Saturday’s all right for…

Fun times. That’s all I’m going to say about that (for now).

But nothing’s funnier than watching a couple of 60 year old white guys trying to dance to Metallica’s “Enter Sandman” and then Rick Springfield’s “Jessie’s Girl.”

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Random Ramblings While….

…Driving: Whenever I listen to the songs “Barracuda” by Heart or “Learning to Fly” by the Foo Fighters on the radio, I’m always expecting to hear the cracks from someone screwing up while playing Rock Band.

…Bra shopping: Freaking hell!! She’s putting me in an H cup, and it’s too small! For one style a J fit perfectly! And yet I can’t find a bra that gives me the shape I want. Anyone want some of my boobs?

…At Old Navy: When did Old Navy get so casual? They used to have some dressier stuff (like my possible date shirt) but you can’t get them there any more.

…Trying on Maidenform slenderizers: I’m not going to subject myself to the torture of wearing Spanx-like things under my clothes for the date. He already knows what I look like and wants it. Besides, what if you want to do something intimate? Do you excuse yourself and then spend 20 minutes in the bathroom trying to free your rollls of their cocoon?

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The Devil

I’ve got this one student. We call her the devil.

When you look at her, she’s all cute. Grade 5. Pouty lips. Straight black hair.  Cute little Korean girl.

But somewhere inside of her is the devil.

Last week was writing week. I looked at her homework, which was the 5th book in a series of stories that she’s writing. But this newest one was way shorter than the other ones– only 3 pages instead of 4.5 like the others!  So I asked her to make it longer.  She flat out refused, saying we need to mark it first.  A few arguments later, and I just let her sit there for 2 hours because she wasn’t listening to me.

And then today.  She hid her binder on me, but in the process dropped some papers on the ground. So I asked her to pick them up since she dropped them.  Did she? Of course not! So for the second week an a row she refuses to follow instructions.  Even the other students don’t like her!

But… at least she doesn’t colour on me anymore or throw sharpened pencils at me. That’s a good thing, right?

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Because You Are So Beautiful

That’s what he said.

No it’s not a re-hash of a joke from The Office.  Someone actually said that to me today. Me!

It was laundry day so I was wearing yoga capris, a fancier shirt (cuz it didn’t have to get washed) but with a sports bra. Didn’t even brush my hair, just put it up in a ponytail.   Haven’t plucked anything in a long time so there are hairs everywhere (hirsutism FTW).  Basically I was a semi-decently dressed mess.

I was at Winners, just looking around. And then some guy walked passed me and winked at me. (squeal!).  But we both just walked away to do our shopping. A few minutes later I saw him again so I jokingly asked him why he was stalking me… and that’s when he said it!

Exchange phone numbers. Yada yada yada. You know how it goes.

But he phoned me a few minutes later because he saw me walk past Superstore. Dang I missed the call cuz I was already driving! He wanted to see if I had time for coffee then!

So yeah.

Good day today.

Tall, dark, black guy. French. Accent. Yummy!




…. but he called me beautiful. That never happens.

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Taco Bell

I heard the bell.

Actually, it was more like I saw the bell.

I was shopping near the only Taco Bell in town and so I had to stop in.  Why? Don’t ask me. I already knew that I had more than enough food at home. I went grocery shopping last night.

But I hadn’t been there in such a long time. And so my food-brain took over and drove me there.  It wasn’t even that good. Hopefully it has cured me of going to Taco Bell again, but I don’t think it has cured me of stopping in for fast food whenever I happen to drive by.

[On a side note, you should never use the word “hopefully” on the SAT. The informal meaning is “I hope that…” but formally it means “in a hopeful manner.”  Oh the joys of teaching SAT…]

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Tomorrow (January 22) a lot of my students are writing either the SAT reasoning test or an SAT subject test.  Wish them luck!

One of my students in particular has only been studying her math subject test for a month, and as improved her practice score by 300 points!  She has low self-confidence so it’s nice to see that she’s happy about her practice tests recently.