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It’s like a desert…


My skin is always so dry.

It’s a relatively new thing for me. In highschool, my skin was usually oily and I broke out.

But now that I’m 30 I’ve noticed that my skin and lips are usually dry. I don’t wear makeup, and I get that random zit every 28 days.

I’m using Garnier Skin Naturals Fresh after my shower and Softlips Raspberry whenever I remember.

Are there any moisturizers and chapsticks that work better? What are your favourites?


[on a side note, other than having a white background for my blog, is there a way to remove the white background of the pics?]


3 thoughts on “It’s like a desert…

  1. 1. To remove white backgrounds on images you have to make the white section transparent pixels. You can try downloading, using a select wand to select all of the white section and just pressing “delete” to remove the white. Then upload the image.

    2. I use argan oil on my face. Works like a charm…!!!

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