Chips for Supper

Avoiding the greatest thing on earth — chips for supper


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Today was a bunch of nonsense that stressed me out.

First, the internet hasn’t been working all day.  Ever.

Second, I had a full slate at work today. Nine students over 6 hours. That’s the maximum we’re allowed to get.

Then, for the last block I had 4 students show up instead of 3! Way to go, director! Once again, your scheduling saves (ruins) the day! Four students wouldn’t be so bad if they were doing English. But with sciences and math, especially since I’m teaching the course to some of them, 4 students is pretty much impossible!

And I get home. And my roommate’s nieces and nephews are all over me!  I talk to them for a bit and then hole myself up in my room. But even though my door is closed, they constantly knock on it trying to get my attention. They KNOW they’re not allowed to knock on my door.

And after all is said and done, I find out my roommate called Telus (spit!) to “fix the internet” last night and she got a new password on the wifi. She’s been home all day but she neglected to tell me that she had a new password. Awesome. And now she’s on the phone with them because the PVR keeps freezing during playback etc etc.

No idea why she ordered Telus. But it’s not my call. I don’t pay that bill.


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