Chips for Supper

Avoiding the greatest thing on earth — chips for supper

The Players


These are the players in my game of life…

  • Me — 30. Single (maybe? that’s for another post). Really geeky. Teaches math and science.
  • Oldboy — 29. The ex boyfriend. Works in radio and for the hockey team that I also volunteer at. Still friends and talk all the time.
  • Newboy — 33. Met him last August. His life got in the way — babymama drama and more. Randomly came back last Friday.
  • Parents — of course. Mom and Dad.
  • Siblings — I’m the oldest of 7 kids. 7!! Yep that’s a lot.
    • S2 — 28.  My oldest sister. Manages a coffee shop.
    • S3 — 27.  Second oldest sister. She’s weird. None of the other siblings understand what she’s doing sometimes.  Secretary
    • S4 — 26.  Chef.  She has cooked for Lil Kim, Shaun Desman and a bunch of others that were in town at some point.
    • S5 — 24.  Works at a fast food place. I think she’s going back to school but not sure.
    • B6 — 22.  The only boy in the family. Construction.
    • S7 — 20.  The baby. Hair. Call her if you need something done! (If you need her name, let me know).
  • Friends — various.
  • Students — various.
  • Grossroommate — 30-something. I don’t even know.  One day I’ll photodocument some of the gross things that I come across.  It’s all mostly tolerable, but sometimes it’s just like “really?”


[Edited to add:  If any of the siblings or students get even a whiff that I have this blog, it will instantly go private.]


    5 thoughts on “The Players

    1. That’s what I love about blogging, that it can be anonymous! 🙂

      Your roommate sounds weird! What kind of stuff does she do>

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