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I have no friends


Now let me clarify before some of you come over here and hurt me.

I have some friends that I’ve known for years. There are some online peeps as well.

But I’m talking about the kind of friend that you can call up to meet for coffee at random times. That you can do stupid things with. You know, the kind they show you in movies. All my IRL friends live too far away.

Funny thing: I used to live in C-town. And one of my friends lived in B-town. And then just before I moved to B-town, she moved back to A-town. So it’s like she’s running away from me lol.  Also, another one of my friends moved to C-town just after I moved away from C-town.  So for my whole life, I have never lived in the same city as any of my friends.

The only people that I talk to regularly are teenagers.  A lot of my students I would consider “friends” but I can’t talk to them the same way that I would talk to adults.  They don’t need to know my business.

The other weekend I went over to Mama Bear‘s house for poker night. It was a fun time. But it really made me realize (again) that I have no adult friends.

I’ve lived in this area for almost 3 years now and I have yet to make any friends.  During the week I work from 3 to 10pm, Monday to Thursday. And I also work until 6pm on Saturdays. So I have no time at night to go to places that other, normal people would go to at night.

Ginger suggested that I try the website  I’ve looked at it and haven’t found anything.  With my work hours, I can only do mornings.  The only groups that meet in the mornings are moms and I am nowhere near being a mom.

So now I just sit at home on the computer and in front of the tv until I have to go to work. And then I come home from work eat dinner and go to bed. My life is awesome. (insert sarcasm here)

I know I’m all “woe is me” but I don’t care. My birthday is coming up at the end of the month and I’m probably going to do nothing like I do most years. It’s my golden birthday (finally!). Turning 31 on the 31st.  Some of you may be shocked to read all this because you know me. But my self-confidence is (mostly) faked.

But now that I have a blog, I have someone to vent to. Even if it’s not a friend.  But it’s not the same.





Or maybe it’s just me…


14 thoughts on “I have no friends

  1. Sharing you feeling….

  2. I understand, because I’m in a similar circumstance since I left my last job, friends have dwindled I have my church friends all older ladies (great inspiring but older) and I have my next door neighbour.

    Like you having difficulty making friends IRL (in real life), not hard to do online but I don’t know it’s like dating I don’t do it enough being anti-social because you spent your early 30’s suck.

    Maybe once I’m working again I’ll be able to find some friends till then you guys will do (PF bloggers).

    Is it lame that my parents are my best friends on some days.

    Tina Marie

  3. Yep, I hear that. I have no adult friends either, really. Especially not females. Being that you are one of the few that I would consider a friend, the whole living far away thing really does throw a wrench into spontaneous coffee plans… :/

  4. I too find it difficult to meet friends. It’s tough when you’re older. Especially in this city. When I moved here a few years ago, I really didn’t know anyone. All my friends are back on the island. I have 1 or 2 friends that I see maybe once a month, but nobody I could call up randomly and see if they want to do anything. And I tried meeting new people through work or field hockey, but there has yet to be anyone I would consider a friend, or want to do anything socially with.

    Plus, like you, my work schedule really prohibits me from meeting a lot of people. I work long hours, and rarely get any free time. But also, that’s my choice. I choose to work the hours I am working. I choose not to put myself out there as much as I could (because I’m relatively anti-social and shy), but hopefully I will get better at it!

  5. I have no friends either. Well, I have friends, but they never answer their phone or respond to texts until weeks or months later. Plus they’re extremely flaky and never keep plans. I absolutely hate my job and feel like I’m never going to have a job where I can actually feel proud of what I do. The only close friend I have is my husband, but he’s always too busy playing World of Warcraft. I’m just so depressed and have no means of fixing it.

    • I usually call those “one sided friendships.” I’ve had too many of them over the years. I figured that if they didn’t want to call me or set something up with me, then they weren’t worth it.

      You should make your husband go on dates or something instead of playing WoW. I don’t understand why people are so into that lol.

  6. Is there a hobby or a club you can join to meet more people?

  7. Well, Vancouver isn’t a very friend-friendly place, I must say. I find it very “cliquey”… people are also not very friendly too!

    The good friends I hang out with are from my high school and university years, but I don’t have any friends that I have made outside of university. Maybe a few of my coworkers, but that’s it.

  8. Eeesh. I feel you! Even though I grew up in this city, I don’t see my friends very often (have moved further away from them, and have less in common with some as we get older.) My work schedule is a bit wacky, and prohibits lots of ‘meetup’ meetups…and yes, my city tends to be quite cliquey! What do you do for a job?

  9. Amen! I had the exact same problem when I moved from San Diego to the Midwest. All my SD friends existed still, but not in a let’s have fun together way. After 3 years of being completely friendless I moved to Kansas City. I don’t really have my own friends, but I’ve gotten myself involved with a job, boyfriend, and church that all have regular activities that substitute for those friendships.

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