Chips for Supper

Avoiding the greatest thing on earth — chips for supper

Random Ramblings While…


…driving home from work: Really? What’s wrong with you? It’s almost 10pm and you haven’t turned your headlights on! *shake my head*  Oh no! There’s another one!

…parking at Tim Horton’s: Dudes, that stinks. I just drove by and I could smell your cigarette smoke. How did it get in the car? And why on earth are the two of you standing and blocking 2 parking spaces? You’re not special because you’re smoking. You’re just jerks.

…leaving Tim Horton’s: Oh hey girls! I see you coming in. Do you see me going out? I know glass is hard to see through and all that, especially when there are 2 doors to walk through. But did you really have to get in the way when I was opening the door outwards? Sure hope it didn’t hurt your foot. It shouldn’t have. You were wearing giant, ugly pillows called Uggs.

…talking about height at work: I’m 5’7. But considering that 99% of my students are Korean (most actually born there) I have learned that my height is 170cm. It’s so weird saying “I’m 170.” I just wish it was my weight and not my height.

…teaching one student at work: Glad you said that your phone was in your pocket.  After last week with me confiscating it, and last block of me yelling at you while with the other teacher to not use your phone, you’ve finally learned. *I get distracted with a different student* WHAT!!!??? Why are you watching youtube on your phone? Do you not learn!? Seriously!!

…dishing out pie: I really like lemon meringue pie. That’s why I bought it! Please don’t choose that one! Choose one of the other three flavours I brought. Oh yeah. Happy Pi Day!!!


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