Chips for Supper

Avoiding the greatest thing on earth — chips for supper

Grossroommate vol. 1


Sometimes when I look around the place I find a few things that are gross.  Nothing that’s disgusting or intolerable. Just things that make you shake your head and say “Really??”

And it’s all from grossroommate.

A few months ago she bought hamster because she “likes to look at pets.” She doesn’t ever do anything with them. And she’s rarely home so I don’t know when she looks at them.  This one is named Dinner after I jokingly told her niece and nephew that I was going to eat it for dinner.

Then a few weeks ago, she comes home with two more!  And we live in a pet-free building.

She put them all on her dining table until she get fed up with the noise.  Dinner, a male, and the two others (both females. Breakfast and Lunch, natch) were making too much noise at night.  So she put the females in a different cage and stored them in the bathroom closet.  Now, they see me naked when I have a shower. [On a side note, at least someone is. lol]

Then, the other day when I woke up, I saw this:

On the second shelf from the bottom were both hamster cages!


First one came up and visted me.

Then other came out of her hiding place too.

The original hamster Dinner never comes out of hiding so I didn’t get a pic of him.

In the beginning of the hamster-closet fiasco, she always kept the door closed. So not only did the hamsters never get any light, but any stench was then amplified.

On a side note, the only shelf I have in there is the one with the green box. The rest are all hers. And some of the things on the shelf above the hamsters were crusty and way expired before I even moved in two years ago.  And yes, those jeans are still hanging on the closet doorknob after a few days.


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