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What’s in a name?

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I stumbled across this website recently and decided to check it out.

I always knew that my name was unique. My first name is spelled differently than normal. And my last name is a non-common Dutch name.  A quick search of shows only 3 houses with the same last name — in all of Canada!  They’re my parents, my grandma and my aunt and uncle.

Howmanyofme has shown me exactly how many I am:
There are 1,559 or fewer people in the US with my first name.
There are 116 or fewer people in the US with my last name (long lost relatives? The only family I know are the ones I mentioned).

So if you take that combination, there’s only 1 person (or fewer?) with my full name.  I guess it would have to be or fewer because I don’t live there but they have to count me.

If I go by my legal first name, the number jumps up to 38,969 with the same first name, but still only 1 person with the same full name.

I guess I’m just me. And nobody is copying me!


One thought on “What’s in a name?

  1. I think I am the only me in NZ, but there are TONS of people with my name in Asia. Sigh.

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