Chips for Supper

Avoiding the greatest thing on earth — chips for supper


Well that was interesting…

Just over a week ago my internet and TV both stopped working.  Just in time for Game 3 of the Canucks vs Blackhawks. So I had to go to Starbucks to watch the game on the internet.

While there, a good-looking guy caught my eye. And he even poked his around the corner again as he was leaving! I swear he was looking and smiling at me!

So I sent out feelers on Craigslist’s Missed Connections page.  I’ve used it many times and I’m always looking on it to see if anybody notices me while I’m out. So far, nada.  I’m un-noticeable.

But then late Friday night I receive an email in response to my post.  He described himself and the clothes he wore, but the clothes didn’t sound familiar.  But then again, I might not have paid attention to the clothes if he just walked past me and I only saw him twice.  So I agreed to meet him at Starbucks.


It totally wasn’t my guy. A little disappointing. And totally not the type of guy that I normally go for.  Also disappointing.

But he was nice enough.  Older than me.  I was just super tired tonight so I’m a lot less engaging than normal, which is usually really low anyway.  Caught him looking down at the girls a few times. Men…. they don’t change.

I also had Bell’s Palsy a few years ago and never 100% recovered.  So sometimes I look like I’m winking. And my eyelashes were sticking together. So I hope he doesn’t think that I was winking at him a lot.

As we were leaving, the Starbucks employee called us over to get free baked goods as it was closing time.  However, he put them in the same bag.  Does that mean he thinks we’re a couple? lol.

So the question is, do I see him again?



Random Ramblings While…

…driving and shopping:  Hmmm a Prince song. Love it. We sure don’t get enough of that guy. … Another Prince song? Even better. Radio stations really should play Prince more often.  Two songs in one day is great, but it has been about 6 months since the last time I’ve heard one of his songs.  They definitely don’t make music like they used to…

…talking to grossroommate: Sure come in. But please ignore my mess. It’s a really busy time for me and I’m lazy. Wait. What are you doing? Really, you’re doing that? Why are you picking at your nose while you’re talking to me? You’re not digging all the way in, which is great, but do you have to do something in that area while you’re talking? PLEASE STOP!

…talking to a student: Can you really be that dumb?  Seriously, what is going on in your head?  When I respond to a request for the time with “Time to get a watch.” did you really say “Watch what?”  I’ve used that line on you before! And you weren’t going to return change to my coworker? Just awesome. So when he asked you if you were that broke, why did you ask “My arm?” We seriously question your IQ.

…at home with some siblings: So S2, S7, B6 and I are all watching tv and B6 sends me a text message. “Those two are lame. So Laugh Out Loud with me in 3… 2…” and I look up and he holds up one finger and we laugh out loud. Confuses the heck out of S2 and S7. Hilarious! Then later on when S4 has joined us, S2 sends me the exact same message.  More confusion. We are a weird bunch…


Grossroommate vol. 2

Grossroommate is about 5 foot nothing. Maybe less.  She has a step stool in the kitchen to put dishes away.   However, I have never seen her using this stool. Not even once.

As a result, this is what happens when she puts my dishes away.

It can’t be good for my plates and bowls to be stacked like that. I already had to throw out one bowl because it broke when it was stacked like this. Mind you, it was an old bowl and had a crack in it, so I’m not mad at her for that.  But if my dishes keep ending up like that, there might be another one.

This is what it is supposed to look like.

On the other side of the kitchen, is my cupboard of pots and pans.  She also can’t reach these so they get stacked haphazardly as well.

And what cupboard is supposed to look like.

Her dishes are all put away this way. When I try to put her dishes away, there is no place for them so I just have to put them somewhere so that they fit. But her height doesn’t come into play for those cupboards… some of them are under the counter.

In the meantime, I’ll just rearrange my dishes after she puts them away.


The day March 31 died

Image from Steph Parke on flickr

*Note: Not my real birthday cake, but it is my real birthday age.

My calendar at work is missing a day.  March 31, while widely regarded as an awesome day because it’s Pavel Bure’s AND Gordie Howe’s birthdays, is a crap-tacular day for me. Yup. It’s also my birthday.  And it sucks. So I physically cut the day out of the calendar.

Thursday started just like every other day.  Wake up later. Laze in bed. Just the regular stuff. I was planning on going to Vera’s Burgers but didn’t feel like trekking out. If you sign up for Vera’s newsletters, they send you a $10 gift certificate to your email for your birthday. The only problem is that you can only use it ON your birthday.

After a few more self-debates, I ended up going to the mall and buying a gift for myself (Literally the only one I “received” this year.  But that’s another story).  I bought “Shaun of the Dead” and “The Cell” on Blu-Ray.  They were on sale so I didn’t kill any sort of non-budget that I don’t have. (I felt like pretending I was in the PF community there for a sec.)  And “The Cell” is the only Jennifer Lopez movie that I like.  But I did end up eating lunch in the food court.  Listening to my iPod, the first three songs that randomly played definitely did not improve my “woe-is-me-its-my-crappy-birthday” mood.

The first and the third, despite being two of my favourite songs, got me down because I didn’t have anyone to say those lyrics to, nor someone to say them to me. The second was bad because I wasn’t getting any of the title, let alone any other kind.

I still had to go to work after that. Bills to pay, etc.  Near the end of the first class, the bosslady brought out a cake!  Surprise!! That is something I totally didn’t expect.  Considering how the rest of my weekend was, it the highlight of my birthday.  And at least I know that my students like me! But then near the end of the last block, people were asking me how I was going to celebrate that night. And the answer (the real one, not the one I told them) was nothing. I was going to go home and go to bed. Awesomesauce.

On Friday, to celebrate my birthday on my day off, I did what most people would do — taxes, using a copy of H&R Block’s software that I won over at youngandthrifty. Thanks!  Woot woot for $250! Now what to spend it on….

And then oldboy texts me. He said he was taking me out to any restaurant I wanted.  I chose Joey’s because I had never been there before.  I ordered the lobster ravioli. It wasn’t bad. It wasn’t fantabulous.  Oldboy ordered the steak. The steak was good. The menu said that it came with “cripsy mashed potatoes.”  THAT was awesome.  It was garlic-y mashed potatoes, wrapped in philo, and then deep fried, like a spring roll!  I’d order just that next time (not really, but you know what I mean).

Saturday, more work. Nothing happening. I got a headache from it and ended up napping for 3 hours. Which made me stay awake until 4am.

And that takes us to Sunday.  I picked up S7 to head to C-town to have birthday cake with the family.  The Momma is not that good at making cake even though she thinks she is. So S4 convinced her to make pie — lemon meringue at that!  Played some games (Imaginiff), had some BBQ. Then it was time to leave, thankfully. I’m not a big fan of some of my family.  Save that for another day.  I was also going to go visit Mama Bear but The Bear was having a bad day. I haven’t seen her since that poker night, so it was too bad that it didn’t work out on Sunday. Oh well. Next time it is.

Then after bringing S7 home, I stayed there a bit and I ended up watching Bones for the first time. What have I been missing!?   I now have the first 5 seasons sitting on my computer, waiting for me to have time to watch them.

And it all starts again in a year.  Maybe I should start counting backwards.