Chips for Supper

Avoiding the greatest thing on earth — chips for supper

Random Ramblings While…


…driving and shopping:  Hmmm a Prince song. Love it. We sure don’t get enough of that guy. … Another Prince song? Even better. Radio stations really should play Prince more often.  Two songs in one day is great, but it has been about 6 months since the last time I’ve heard one of his songs.  They definitely don’t make music like they used to…

…talking to grossroommate: Sure come in. But please ignore my mess. It’s a really busy time for me and I’m lazy. Wait. What are you doing? Really, you’re doing that? Why are you picking at your nose while you’re talking to me? You’re not digging all the way in, which is great, but do you have to do something in that area while you’re talking? PLEASE STOP!

…talking to a student: Can you really be that dumb?  Seriously, what is going on in your head?  When I respond to a request for the time with “Time to get a watch.” did you really say “Watch what?”  I’ve used that line on you before! And you weren’t going to return change to my coworker? Just awesome. So when he asked you if you were that broke, why did you ask “My arm?” We seriously question your IQ.

…at home with some siblings: So S2, S7, B6 and I are all watching tv and B6 sends me a text message. “Those two are lame. So Laugh Out Loud with me in 3… 2…” and I look up and he holds up one finger and we laugh out loud. Confuses the heck out of S2 and S7. Hilarious! Then later on when S4 has joined us, S2 sends me the exact same message.  More confusion. We are a weird bunch…


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