Chips for Supper

Avoiding the greatest thing on earth — chips for supper

Happy Mother’s Day

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My family is a little weird.  Check out this picture that we took a couple of years ago. From left to right is B6, Me, Japanese sister, S7, S5, S2, Dad and Mom.  I don’t know why S3 wasn’t there, but S4 was in New Zealand at the time.

When the picture was taken, B6 was actually wearing black shorts. But they looked so much like the censorship box that one of my sisters decided to actually put a box over him.

Doesn’t B6 looks weird awesome?

He’s so awesome that he wrote a poem for mom, just for Mother’s Day.

Dreaming about being a mother since you were a little girl,
you met Evert and he took you out for a whirl.
You got hitched and started talking about kids,
while Evert took you out for some squids.
After dinner you both went home and broke out the whiskey.
You said “It’s not good for the body. Besides I’m already FRISKY!!”
Sometime went by with lots of lovin.
He knocked you up, a bun in the oven.
You were so excited though only wanted one,
but Evert said “Look baby, I ain’t done!!”
You screamed in pain as you popped out 7, (let’s face; it that hurt)
but what you got was a little piece of heaven!!

Mom was laughing in tears while reading this out loud!

Did you do anything for your moms that tops what B6 did?


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