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25 Things About Me


I was cleaning out my facebook today, getting rid of a ton of stuff and trying to keep things to a bare minimum when I came across the “Notes” section. Way back in 2009, these lists were going around facebook that asked for 25 things or 100 things about you.  I eventually gave in and this is what I wrote:

1. I can read and write upside down, sideways, etc. Tricks of the trade

2. Google is my friend. Microsoft is not.

3. I can see the roof of the mall

4. Dear Diary. Sometimes you are funny. The end.

5. ACHOOOOO!!!!!

10. Believe it or not, I’m actually a 4’3 black boy from Antarctica

11. 11 is a prime number

12. Calculus is fun. woohoo!!

13. As a result oɟ #1, I sometimes will randomly write a letter upside down while I’m suddosep to be                 writing ʎןןɐɯɹou.

14. I like tulips, but mine just died. No green thumb I guess.

15. Yes I do actually carry a calculator with me.

20. I like to read random people’s 25 lists… even if i don’t know them. Wow, some people are strange

21. I still haven’t gotten dressed… and it’s 2pm on a Monday

22. I’m a dinosaur

23. I should probably get my haircut soon, but I don’t know where or what…

24. My birthday is coming up in just over a month and I probably won’t do anything.  (edit: it happened               again this year)

25. Very few people (if any) will notice that I did this list in base 6. Cuz I’m lazy and don’t want to think of         25 (base 10) things

They’re all still true.  Some of them are inside jokes that students would know.  And I may even post a “Dear Diary” related post at a later point.

How many of you noticed #25? 


2 thoughts on “25 Things About Me

  1. which mall is it again? Metro?

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