Chips for Supper

Avoiding the greatest thing on earth — chips for supper

Friday Fill-Ins


Every Friday, I’ll be participating in Friday Fill-Ins.

1. I see couples everywhere, and I get jealous that I can’t see newboy.

2. Sometimes it just feels so good to scratch.

3. They begin talking back at an earlier and earlier age, these days.

4. I used to not care, but that was so many years earlier and I’m not sure I want to go back.

5. This I know: not many people actually know intimate things about me.

6. I had rice and stewed tomatoes for dinner.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to watching the Canucks win again, tomorrow my plans include working (blah) and Sunday, I want to walk and explore my neighbourhood more. Maybe. I’ve lived here for 2 years and don’t know the tiny areas yet!

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3 thoughts on “Friday Fill-Ins

  1. How was your neighbourhood walk? We have lovely weather for it, didn’t we?! 🙂

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