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Advice needed: Students make me angry sometimes…


So, I didn’t work today.

I normally work every Saturday.

I woke up at my usual time (which is really early and hard for me since during the week I don’t have to wake up at all) and headed off to work.   I was supposed to have 4 hours with one student.  When I got there, the secretary told me that the student called in sick.  So I had no work.

She called the bosslady who said that I would get “admin hours” which is a wage that is less than half of my normal wage, for only 2 hours.  I looked up the BC Employment Standards Act and I’ll be bringing up to her the fact that I should be getting my normal wage for 2 hours since I showed up for work.

The other part that’s really making me steamed right now is that the student that was “sick” wasn’t actually sick. She has been at golf all morning since 10am. She posted this on facebook.  The bosslady tends to not charge people when they’re sick and tries to charge them when they cancel last minute.  But she doesn’t have a very big backbone.   So I’m sure a lot of parents have figured out that as long as they call in sick, they won’t get charged.    We’ve had quite a few students calling in sick lately.

So my dilemma is this: do I show the bosslady the evidence of the student not being sick?


2 thoughts on “Advice needed: Students make me angry sometimes…

  1. I think only you can decide that, and it depends entirely on the people involved. How is the bosslady likely to react? The student? Will this have any negative repercussions for you? And most importantly, will it ensure you get paid this time, and in the future? (I mean, obviously it SHOULD, but things don’t always happen like they’re meant to, if you know what I mean).

  2. I don’t understand why people think they can post stuff on facebook, then lie about what they were doing and think no one will notice.

    I think it’s a tough situation, and I think eemusings is right, without actually knowing bosslady it’s hard to say what will happen. I guess if I thought that it would make a difference-like bosslady would charge them, and maybe the student would be less likely to do this again, and/or you were more likely to get paid a proper wage without a fight, I would tell. But if I thought bosslady would just ignore the information and it wouldn’t get you anywhere, maybe not. Then again, if it becomes a recurring problem, you might want to have said something each time. I guess I’d lean towards mentioning it as a “just so you’re aware” type thing, so that if the problem continues the bosslady knows how long it’s been going on.

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