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Avoiding the greatest thing on earth — chips for supper

Fast Food Fail: May 22-28


I’m reporting this in an attempt to lose weight.  I’m going to start with just updating on getting fast food (too often) or going to sit-down restaurants (more rare).  Eventually it might turn into posting all that I eat, or even how much I spend.

Sunday:  Ate at home!
Monday:  Ate at home!
Tuesday:  Ate at home!  Although, bosslady bought crazy sticks from Little Caesar’s since I only had 1 student.  And, by the way, an awesome win by the Vancouver Canucks to go to the Stanley Cup Finals!!!!
Wednesday:  Ate at home!
Thursday:  Ate at home!
Friday:  Had some sushi at 4:30pm — my first food of the day. I probably shouldn’t have done that, but I only ordered 1 roll instead of my usual 2 + nigiri.
Saturday:  I ended up going to the big mall after work today and yes, I failed. I got Taco Time at the food court.

Other than my screw up at the end of the week, this week was surprisingly good!  I think what’s helping me is that grossroommate is not home.  I have more room in the fridge and freezer for better food.  I hope i can continue this trend, but grossroommate comes home on Wednesday.  And…. I should stop going to the big mall.

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5 thoughts on “Fast Food Fail: May 22-28

  1. Do you go to the mall because your roommate is home and you are trying to avoid her?

    You’ve done FANTASTIC this week! 🙂

    • Not this week because she’s on vacation. But sometimes I do go just to avoid her when she takes a day off of work cuz she’s “sick.” And…. thanks! (but we’ll see what happens next week.)

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