Chips for Supper

Avoiding the greatest thing on earth — chips for supper


First fruit salad of the season

Since the summer is upon us, fruit is starting to be cheap.  I stocked up on some and decided to throw together a fruit salad.

Some sliced bananas and vanilla yogurt.

Throw in a few red and green grapes.

Quartered strawberries are added on top, along with another layer of vanilla yogurt.

Top off with blueberries and raspberries (both on sale!).

Scoop it up, eat and enjoy!

I also picked up some fresh sundried tomato bread from the local farmer’s market!  It was a fantastic lunch for a sunny summer day!



Zoku popsicles

Remember when I went to the Eat! Festival back in the beginning of June? I ended up buying a Zoku popsicle maker.  And so far, it is $70 well invested! I’ve had a bunch of batches of simple-ish popsicles made. Fudgesicle.  Fudgesicle with banana slices.  Peach with peach slices. Strawberry-banana creamsicle with banana slices.

But since I promised you all that I would post some recipes and pictures of the popsicle maker (and there were some sales on the ingredients!) I decided to fancy it up a little bit.

So first, here is everything that I used:

Yop! yogurt drink — raspberry flavor.  Fresh raspberries. Chocolate sprinkles (hagelslag for all you Dutch folk).

Make sure the Zoku maker is completely frozen solid to do this, or the popsicles won’t slide out.  They say you can make up to 3 batches before you need to throw it back on the freezer.  Yes — that means that it doesn’t have to actually be IN the freezer during the popsicle-making!

Make sure you insert the sticks before you add any liquid, or you will have trouble inserting them as the liquid freezes almost instantaneously.  First, I poured a layer of the yogurt drink. Then I put some sprinkles on top and another layer of drink.  Then a few fresh raspberries and topped up the mold with the rest of the yogurt.

As you can see, I wasn’t too careful when I crammed the raspberries in and got some on the top. But they should flick off when they’re completely frozen.

And now comes the waiting game.  I had to wait hours just 7 minutes until these popsicles were completely frozen and able to be pulled out.  Use the very handy popsicle removal tool to loosen the popsicles from the mold. This screws onto the top of the sticks and forces the popsicles out by torque.

Look at these! They’re gorgeous! I can’t wait to try them eat them all.

As you can see, the Zoku is a fantastic invention.  I can have any flavour of popsicle I want in just a few minutes and don’t have to worry about too many calories since I know exactly what is in them.  Since I bought this, I haven’t bought any ice cream, and I don’t plan on it!



Fast Food Fail: June 19-25

I’m reporting this in an attempt to lose weight.  I’m going to start with just updating on getting fast food (too often) or going to sit-down restaurants (more rare).  Eventually it might turn into posting all that I eat, or even how much I spend.

  • Sunday:  Ate at home!  Although, we had Father’s Day BBQ and I ate way too much (it was actually my only meal that day).
  • Monday:  Ate at home!
  • Tuesday:  Ate at home!
  • Wednesday:  Ate at home!
  • Thursday:  Ate at home!
  • Friday:  Ate at home!
  • Saturday:  Ate at home!

Oh.  My.  Word.

Look at that! Every single day I ate at home!  Now I feel like I should walk over to Tim Horton’s to celebrate or something (but I won’t)!  And on a side note, I think it might be working.

Although I haven’t stepped on a scale, I feel a little different.  Now, I need people to yell at me to start exercising to make it go faster!


Friday Fill-Ins (June 24)

Every Friday, I’ll be participating in Friday Fill-Ins.

1. Getting away for vacation in November will be AWESOME!

2. Always eat breakfast to start your day off right.

3. Coffee, tea or anything but coffee!!!!

4. I eat in place of feeling. That’s bad.

5. The lights outside are sometimes too bright.

6. Hearing laughing babies brings a little bit of happiness.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to watching a few movies, tomorrow my plans include grocery shopping (Superstore has no tax this weekend!) and Sunday, I want to go to the Farmer’s Market!

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Random Ramblings While…

…on the skytrain:  I see a hand poking through the door! Why don’t people just wait for the next train? It comes every 5 minutes!  And then he doesn’t sit in the section that he entered which is half full.  Nor does he sit in the middle section which is completely empty.  But really? He moves to the third section which has only 3 available seats?  That’s just stupid! And there were only 2 more stops until the end of the ride anyway. It just doesn’t make sense!

…walking to my car:  EWW!! Not again! Sometimes I really hate visiting my parents because of this!  Because there are 80000 7 children in my family, it makes for a lot of cars. Currently, 5 cars live there and manage to fit on the driveway. But when we go for a visit, extra cars have to park on the road.  And since they live in a cul-de-sac, the wires all extend from the houses to a central telephone pole.  That the birds sit on. And poop from. Directly over where we park in front of the house. Onto my car. THAT WAS JUST WASHED 3 DAYS EARLIER!!!! Makes me really glad I park underground at home, at work, and at the big mall.

…eating popsicles with grossroommate:  Why are you eating your popsicle sideways? I told you that there is a drip guard on it! And I warned you that if you hold it sideways you’ll drip! Is it because you can’t turn your head sideways?  That would be really weir…. oh there goes a drop.

…driving through a busy intersection:  Move people! There’s a siren behind us! Dude– why are you going into the left turn lane when it’s empty and there’s an ambulance coming? Don’t you know they use that or the other side of the median if it’s empty? Morons!  The ambulance had to wait at 2 different red lights because people don’t know how to get out of the way!!!!

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Happy J Peppers

Just over a week ago, I went to Sammy J Peppers to watch Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Finals… and THIS happened.

I emailed the owner right away about what happened, and a few days later he sent me an email back.  He asked some of the servers and the manager who were working at that time if they remember seeing me.  They hadn’t.

He apologized profusely and assured me that the SJP team had dropped the ball on me that night.

To make up for it, he gave me a gift card for the next time I want to give them a chance.

So now that it’s all resolved, I think I’ll try them out one more time. I really hope that my first time there was a fluke and people were just distracted by the Canucks losing (again).

I want to thank Steve for taking the time to listen to my emails and apologize (again) in person when I went to pick up the gift card.

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Happy Father’s Day

Do you remember Mother’s Day? It was only a little over a month ago.  If you read my blog then you would know about the poem that my brother B6 wrote for Mother’s Day.

Well… now there is a sequel.

Living with 2 sisters, Aunt and Elcnu *
you realized that they were quite a BORE-ah.
You wanted a family to call your own,
as well as a house and working throne.
You wanted a wife so you searched and searched
and finally met her through the church.
After months of dating you popped the question,
got married and started the love session.
Kids 1 through 5 turned up girls
you could not wait for a son to unfurl.
A son is born; you’re not alone
you told grandmother she hung up the phone.
So glad you are to have a son by your side,
you shed a tear, might even cried.
You told your son he would be great,
your wife responded “honey I’m late.”
The last child was born a daughter no less
who kicks her leg and screams out YES!!!
Throughout 10 years, 7 children you loined
I bet you had a lot of ice on your groin.
2 vs 7 hardly seems fair,
unless you’re counting quantity of hair.
The men take that with the greatest of ease
though you said “B6 stop making these cards would you please!”

*Names change to hide identity.  “Uncle” is spelled backwards because we sometimes refer to that uncle with his own named backwards (not in his presence though) and then it rhymes with BORE-ah.  And when his name is spelled backwards, it is very similar to a female name so that’s why it’s “two sisters.”