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Of Zebras and Butts

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Twitter is an amazing thing. It can connect you to people that you never dreamed you could connect to.

One of those people that I follow is Brent Butt, of Corner Gas fame, and now of Hiccups.  Although I first fell in love with him when I saw him on Comedy at Club 54 on The Comedy Network eons ago.

In following him I learned that he is a really good cartoonist and he has drawn cartoons upon request in the past. But alas he hadn’t drawn one in awhile. So I send out this tweet to him:

He is so super famous and super handsome that I never expected him to reply to me. But he did!!!

And here is the requested picture, in all it’s glory!!

I love his little tongue! I hope it’s not copyrighted, because I’m thinking about printing it off and hanging it at work so all my little math minions can see it.


One thought on “Of Zebras and Butts

  1. that is just awesome!!!

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