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Random Ramblings While…


…watching Bones: This show really has me hooked! It’s too bad that @grlredballoon isn’t around to see what kind of monster she created. Anyone know how she’s doing?  And it’s a good thing that shows like this aren’t real life. Vancouver only had 9 homicides in 2010.  Imagine if the murders in this show (and other similar shows) actually happened. That would be a lot of dead guys.

…perusing Craigslist:  I was looking in the Casual Encounters section just out of my own curiousity. (hey! Don’t look at me that way!!!) The m4w section has a lot of guys asking girls for “stuff.”  But the w4m section has but one lowly post.   If women aren’t putting themselves out there for an encounter, what makes men think that their post will lure someone in?  You can definitely tell which gender is driven by sex.  (I have since come to find out that every single w4m post gets flagged and removed, which is a whole other issue.)

…trying to get on the escalator at the mall:  I know that these vertical posts are here so that strollers don’t go on the escalator, but do they have to be so close together? It makes me jealous of all those skinny minnies that can just waltz right through them and not have to turn their hips upside down.  And where are the parents of those 2 girls who are running down the up escalator? YOU’RE BLOCKING ESCA-TRAFFIC!!!!

…watching the Canucks win game 2:  Geez! Thanks outside guys!! You totally messed that up for me! I know we scored only 11 seconds into overtime, but I heard your horns even before my overtime started! I blame Telus and their slow HD feed.  Jerks.

…talking to the director at work:  Really? Headquarters doesn’t want to give us money for advertising, and yet they’re complaining that we never made a profit?  Well, they’re in business. They should know that you have to spend money to make money. Nobody will know who we are if we don’t advertise ourselves!

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3 thoughts on “Random Ramblings While…

  1. I really loved the first few seasons of Bones, but thought it started to go downhill around season 4, I think it was. Haven’t been watching this season, but I’m sure I will when it comes out on DVD. And yeah, I’m glad those kind of murders don’t happen so often in real life, that would be pretty intense!

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