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The Canucks Win! (and the city breaks my heart)


After I went to the Eat! festival, I wandered over to the downtown core to take in the atmosphere of a Canucks crowd after a huge win!  I was not looking forward to this crowd, but at least it dissipates pretty quickly since fans could now go elsewhere to celebrate instead of crowding around the TV screens.


People everywhere, enjoying themselves.  Every other car that drove by was honking their horns, waving their flags. A mood this city hasn’t really seen since the Olympics were in town.

This kid even had a full playoff beard!

These fans had a giant Stanley Cup that everyone wanted to take a picture of.

Someone had even thrown bubble bath into one of the fountains.

I was enjoying myself! Tons of high fives. A crowd surrounding a street rapper with break dancers in front of him.  It all made me want to go downtown again on Monday for game 6 when the Canucks have a chance to win the Cup!

But as I was walking down Georgia (where the fans watched the game on giant screens) I began to notice something…

I was actually really disgusted.  What kind of city are we? During the Olympics it wasn’t this dirty. Although there was more of a presence of the volunteers who picked up garbage, we actually threw our own garbage away!  But after one of the biggest wins of the year, and the crowd of 100,000 throws their garbage on the ground?

The city workers (dressed in orange) were already on the streets, waiting to start cleaning up.  This was only 9pm, an hour after the game was over.

You can even guess where one of the screens was set up. The near side of the street is covered with garbage, and the far side is virtually paper free!

I really hope that Monday’s crowd won’t do this, but they probably will. They litter for the fireworks. They throw garbage in the streets for big Canada Day celebrations.  And now they dirty a Canucks win.  I guess the cleanliness of the Olympics was just an anomaly.


6 thoughts on “The Canucks Win! (and the city breaks my heart)

  1. Sad to say, this kind of behavior isn’t uncommon. It sickens me as well – I can’t fathom what the heck is wrong with people that they lose basic sense of hygienic principles and can’t even hold on to their trash for a few minutes to throw into a bin just because their team won. And in CA, people destroy things. For the love, people, seriously? I actually now avoid all post-sporting events because I’m all “get off my lawn” fogey-like about it.

    • I know that I’ve held onto my garbage until I found a garbage can. But in those pictures you can see some garbage cans that weren’t even full… they didn’t even try to find them!

  2. Ugh. I feel the same everytime I’m at a stadium/arena after a concert or game – the rubbish left behind is unbelievable.

  3. Wow that is a LOT of garbage. I wasn’t down town last night, but I love Van city’s atmosphere.

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