Chips for Supper

Avoiding the greatest thing on earth — chips for supper

Crappy J Peppers


Tonight I managed to get off work at 5:20 (I normally work until 9:10) and I got to the Coquitlam location of Sammy J. Peppers around 5:30.  The restaurant was mostly empty but the lounge had only one table open, so the waitress seated me at the single empty table and handed me a menu.

And then…. nothing.

I sat through all the rest of the first period of the hockey game and nobody came to ask me what i wanted to order.

I sat through an entire intermission and nobody came near me. I even saw other tables getting drinks re-filled and plates taken away.

I sat through half of the second period and nobody even came to see if I wanted a drink.

Eventually I was fed up (somewhat with the game, mostly because I was hungry and thirsty) and I left at 6:40.

So I sat in the restaurant for over an hour and I was ignored the whole time.

Now, I understand that it was a hockey game so maybe the waitresses were trying not to bother people while the play was on.  But really? A whole hour, an entire intermission, and not even someone asking if I wanted a drink?  That’s ridiculous!!!!  It wasn’t overly busy. I saw waitresses just standing behind the bar, doing who knows what.   And my table never had a utensil, cup, plate on it. NOTHING!

So now it’s looking like there will be a game 7 (booo).  And I will definitely be looking for a different place to watch the game.  Why would I want to go to SJP again?


7 thoughts on “Crappy J Peppers

  1. Wow. That’s awful. I would write them an email – at the least they could send you gift cards or something. Ugh.

  2. Ick that’s bad. I’ve heard bad things about Sammy J’s.

  3. I never realy liked Sammy J peppers. Their food doesn’t taste very good and I find the servers somewhat unprofessional (in dress code and demeanor).

    Hope you get an apology!

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