Chips for Supper

Avoiding the greatest thing on earth — chips for supper

Happy Father’s Day

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Do you remember Mother’s Day? It was only a little over a month ago.  If you read my blog then you would know about the poem that my brother B6 wrote for Mother’s Day.

Well… now there is a sequel.

Living with 2 sisters, Aunt and Elcnu *
you realized that they were quite a BORE-ah.
You wanted a family to call your own,
as well as a house and working throne.
You wanted a wife so you searched and searched
and finally met her through the church.
After months of dating you popped the question,
got married and started the love session.
Kids 1 through 5 turned up girls
you could not wait for a son to unfurl.
A son is born; you’re not alone
you told grandmother she hung up the phone.
So glad you are to have a son by your side,
you shed a tear, might even cried.
You told your son he would be great,
your wife responded “honey I’m late.”
The last child was born a daughter no less
who kicks her leg and screams out YES!!!
Throughout 10 years, 7 children you loined
I bet you had a lot of ice on your groin.
2 vs 7 hardly seems fair,
unless you’re counting quantity of hair.
The men take that with the greatest of ease
though you said “B6 stop making these cards would you please!”

*Names change to hide identity.  “Uncle” is spelled backwards because we sometimes refer to that uncle with his own named backwards (not in his presence though) and then it rhymes with BORE-ah.  And when his name is spelled backwards, it is very similar to a female name so that’s why it’s “two sisters.”


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