Chips for Supper

Avoiding the greatest thing on earth — chips for supper

Happy J Peppers

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Just over a week ago, I went to Sammy J Peppers to watch Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Finals… and THIS happened.

I emailed the owner right away about what happened, and a few days later he sent me an email back.  He asked some of the servers and the manager who were working at that time if they remember seeing me.  They hadn’t.

He apologized profusely and assured me that the SJP team had dropped the ball on me that night.

To make up for it, he gave me a gift card for the next time I want to give them a chance.

So now that it’s all resolved, I think I’ll try them out one more time. I really hope that my first time there was a fluke and people were just distracted by the Canucks losing (again).

I want to thank Steve for taking the time to listen to my emails and apologize (again) in person when I went to pick up the gift card.


One thought on “Happy J Peppers

  1. That’s awesome. I love good customer service – even if it’s making up for the bad stuff.

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