Chips for Supper

Avoiding the greatest thing on earth — chips for supper

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…on the skytrain:  I see a hand poking through the door! Why don’t people just wait for the next train? It comes every 5 minutes!  And then he doesn’t sit in the section that he entered which is half full.  Nor does he sit in the middle section which is completely empty.  But really? He moves to the third section which has only 3 available seats?  That’s just stupid! And there were only 2 more stops until the end of the ride anyway. It just doesn’t make sense!

…walking to my car:  EWW!! Not again! Sometimes I really hate visiting my parents because of this!  Because there are 80000 7 children in my family, it makes for a lot of cars. Currently, 5 cars live there and manage to fit on the driveway. But when we go for a visit, extra cars have to park on the road.  And since they live in a cul-de-sac, the wires all extend from the houses to a central telephone pole.  That the birds sit on. And poop from. Directly over where we park in front of the house. Onto my car. THAT WAS JUST WASHED 3 DAYS EARLIER!!!! Makes me really glad I park underground at home, at work, and at the big mall.

…eating popsicles with grossroommate:  Why are you eating your popsicle sideways? I told you that there is a drip guard on it! And I warned you that if you hold it sideways you’ll drip! Is it because you can’t turn your head sideways?  That would be really weir…. oh there goes a drop.

…driving through a busy intersection:  Move people! There’s a siren behind us! Dude– why are you going into the left turn lane when it’s empty and there’s an ambulance coming? Don’t you know they use that or the other side of the median if it’s empty? Morons!  The ambulance had to wait at 2 different red lights because people don’t know how to get out of the way!!!!

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