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Walk advice needed


Today, I went to for a long walk. In the sun.  But I actually put on some sunscreen! Alas, I didn’t bring water with me. You can check out my route here.

First, MapMyRun looks really cool!  It was pretty intuitive the first time (and only time so far…) I used it. You just click on where you start and keep clicking on landmarks to get the whole route that you traveled, even if it’s offroad!  I think I’ll be using it more often now that I’ve started walking more.

And now, I need a few pieces of advice.

Shoes. I think I need new ones.  Last Sunday I went for a walk in flip-flops, inadvertently walking longer than I was expecting to. That walk was also about 2 hours.  But this time I wore shoes. And wouldn’t you know, my feet hurt more during the shoe-walk than the flip-flop-walk.  It could be because the first one was more of a saunter and the second more brisk.  But I really think I need new shoes.  These are about 3 years old and they’ve been through rain and snow and puddles.  Advice wanted: What brand shoes are good for walking? Where should I get them?

On a side note, dare I even try running?  I remember back in elementary school that I was pretty decent. I believe I got 23rd in a cross-country meet in grade 5 or so.  But in elementary school, everyone must participate in sports. So when track and field came around, and I was really good at most things (especially throwing) and most of the other students were not good at much but were still forced to participate, teachers generally put those lesser-athletic students in the running events.  So my running career kind of stalled at that point.  So it’s been about 21 years since I ran much (other than playing basketball, or a short run for highschool track and field [still did the throwing events]).  Do I want 2 black eyes from my boobs coming and hitting me?

Bra.  I’m really envious of all the small-chested women.   You guys can find bras in any store and they all fit will. But when you’re 38-G (and sometimes H or I, depending on the style), a sports bra is never to be found.  I can find a lot of 38 sports bras, and if they’re not cup-sized (compression fit) then the girls just spill out of them.  While that’s great for cleavage, it’s not great for athletics.  Advice wanted: Any bigger-boobed girls know where to get a good sports bra? Preferably without underwire.

Music.  As I was listening to my iPod, I had to skip a bunch of sings because, although I love R&B, they’re not good for walking.  Or running. Or anything up-tempo.  Advice wanted:  What songs do I need to have on my playlist? I like Hip Hop and some Classic Rock. Definitely no country.



7 thoughts on “Walk advice needed

  1. I could walk only 5 mins without pain because of stress fractures in my foot- finally tried the “rocker soled” sneakers which I had seen, but not bought because I thought them ugly. Within days I could easily walk for two miles. The ones I bought were from K Mart (do you have that store in CA?) and only $35. Called Therashoes, I imagine any rocker sole would work as well.

    • Canada doesn’t have K-Mart anymore. It’s been more than a few years since they left (1998 I think). But I have seen rocker shoes in many other stores up here. Like you, I also think they’re ugly! lol. I’m not sure if I’ll try them because my feet are fine now, and I walked almost 6.5 miles today with almost no problem. Pain only really came at the very end. But I might try them out in store, see what they’re like.

  2. I am not sure that you will like them right away just by trying on in the store. I have had several friends who love them now but had to start out slowly by wearing them round the house. I did not have that problem, took to them right away. BTW I was just checking your route and realized you must live in Vancouver. There is a K Mart here in Bellingham ( haven for Canadian shoppers) which is where I bought my Therashoes. I haven’t checked recently but they probably still stock them there.

  3. Shoes: I have been wearing Asics for the past 10 years for running/walking & they are the best! As for running, you can try the Couch to 5km running program? I know a few PF bloggers have done the same.

    Bra: Can’t help you, I’m a 32A! Wait, did I just admit my bra size on the internet?

    Music: I love running to Mika.

    • Yay! Admittance of bra size! We should combine our boobs and split them in half to even things out.

      And I’ll look at Asics. Current shoes are Adidas. Part of the problem is I have size 10 feet, so there aren’t that many shoes out there that fit well.

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