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On the hunt for shoes


I am starting my search for new shoes. Shoe shopping for me is almost as bad as clothes shopping.  You’d think that shoes would be easier to shop for since a size 7 is a size 7, right? WRONG!

My feet can usually comfortably fit in a size 10 Adidas, but they need a whopping 11 for Nike.  It’s very frustrating, especially since 10’s are rare. 11’s are almost never found.  Why can’t shoe makers all agree on a size and make shoes that size, instead of each having a close but different standard of sizing?

On to the actual shopping part.

I went to SportChek, Champs and Athletes World in the big mall. And nobody asked me if i needed help. So that’s awesome.  Then I went to the Nike store. Since everyone is having an end-of-season sale, stock is low. But the girl managed to find one size 11 for me. And they were COMFY! And expensive.  Why do shoes have to cost so much?  So I told her I would think about it and maybe come back later.

Then, I went for a one hour walk here.  And my old shoes tore up the back of my ankle. So that is what’s making my search for new shoes even more urgent.  I don’t need bloody ankles when I walk (or run? will I ever?)

So afterwards, I went to the mall next door (not the big mall).  Once again, SportChek and Champs paid me no attention. But this time, the girl at Athletes World did help me out.  Just like at Nike, the sales made the stock really low, especially for my sizes. But she did manage to find a size 11 in Saucony.  I have never heard of this brand before.  But when I tried it on (only one foot… bloody ankle!), it was definitely not as comfy as the Nike. But it was half the price.

So now I have to figure out if I want to buck up mega monies for that pair of Nikes, or keep trying for cheaper shoes somewhere else.

Where else can I look for shoes?


5 thoughts on “On the hunt for shoes

  1. I would definitely recommend just picking up the Nikes. Shoes are definitely something that falls into the category of, you get what you pay for. And if you’re planning on doing some serious exercising, it’s worth it. You can do a lot of damage to your knees/legs/back/etc. with cheap shoes. (And this is coming from someone who *also* needs to go out and buy pricey shoes tomorrow. Ugh!) Good luck!

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  3. How much more expensive are the Nikes? It might just be worth it to buy them, so you don’t need to keep shopping and so you have happy feet!

    This does get me thinking…I’ve had the same sneakers for years! But I only wear them if I’m going to the gym or walking a lot…and I don’t exercise very much! I wonder when I need to buy a new pair.

    And the 7=7 thing? Yeah, that drives me nuts. In shoes, and especially in jeans and bra shopping. Those are my least favorite things to shop for, because everything changes from brand to brand, or even from style to style within the same brand!

    Also, p.s. I know this comment is late. Sometimes I find random old posts in my reader and feel compelled to comment 🙂

    • This is very late lol. The Nikes were expensive. And they were the reason that my knee screwed up (because of my pronation that I didn’t know I had) so now I have a pair of Saucony.

      And apparently you should replace your shoes every 500 miles or so. So you’re probably way overdue in replacing them. The uppers will still look good, but it’s the cushioning inside that goes that you don’t notice.

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