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Grossroommate vol. 5

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It’s been awhile since I’ve had one of these posts. Not because there hasn’t been anything gross, but because there are some things that I can’t take pictures of.

  • Grossroommate has got to have the worst gag reflex in the world.  Every morning I hear her almost vomiting her breakfast, only because she’s brushing her teeth! It’s so annoying!
  • She tends to only cook twice a week, but enough for 4-5 days.  As a result, there are tons of dishes that she needs to wash. And by wash, I mean she uses a cheap sponge to go over the dish. Then throws the soaked, unwrung sponge into the sponge holder (water gets everywhere) and puts the sudsy dish on the counter (water gets everywhere).  After a few dishes like this she then rinses them all and puts them in the dishrack. She’s not careful when she washes them either (water gets everywhere). And by the time she’s done, water is everywhere. I mean, all over the counter, dripping off the counter edge into my drawer that is only open 1/2 cm, on the floor. It’s really awesome to walk into the kitchen and end up with wet feet.
  • Hair! Everywhere!  Every time I go into the shower, there is hair on the wall. And on the edge of the tub. And on the floor of the tub. And of course all over the bathroom floor.  And not all of them are head hairs.
  • She doesn’t scrape her plates or pots when she’s finished eating. She simply puts the whole thing in the sink. I’ve even seen her throw some rice directly into the sink. Don’t ask me why, since the garbage is directly underneath the sink and we don’t have a garburator!  She likes to keep the plug upside down so that the food doesn’t go down the drain, but then the plug ends up getting clogged and the sink doesn’t drain properly.  And our sink ends up looking like this:
    Including the food-film that ends up on the sink until I can scrub it clean (after she removes all her nasty food cast-offs!)

I guess i could take a picture of one of them.

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One thought on “Grossroommate vol. 5

  1. Well, as gross as it is, at least she’s got the plug in there… one of my roommates once tried to get rid of chicken skin by sending it down the garbage disposal, which did NOT work. And rice can be pretty nasty in there too! Though my roommate was pretty good about getting the dishes done, so it was just the drain that suffered, not the rest of the sink.

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