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The Act of Deforestation


Recently, I’ve been thinking a lot about hair removal.  Legs, underarms, lip, chin, (yes, I have those. :sadface:) bikini area, butt crack; the whole gamut.  I just have too much dark hair everywhere.

While I currently use a Venus Embrace razor for some of it, and it is absolutely hands-down my favourite razor in the world, I’ve been thinking of other methods to deforest.  I have also tried Smooth Away and it works! But it takes forever if you have a large area to do.  Hair clippers for a certain area, of course.

But what else is there? What works best?

So does anyone have any experience with waxing, in salon or at home? Anyone use an epilator (top of my list for trying, currently)?  Have you used Nair or equivalent? Is laser worth the price?  If there another form that I have missed that I need to know about?  


12 thoughts on “The Act of Deforestation

  1. Ok first of all, holy shit I thought those were YOUR legs at my first milisecond glance in Reader! LOL Second – dude, NAIR! I haven’t thought about Nair in forever, or any depilatory creams for that matter but hey, as per our convo yesterday, give it a try! Talk about easy…!

  2. I use Nair sometimes, and I like it. It lasts longer than shaving, and it’s really easy, plus-no nicks! The downside is that it works best if your hair is already a little longer, so I mostly use it when I haven’t shaved in a while. In the summer, when I’m wearing shorts or skirts more frequently, I usually shave, so that I don’t have to let the hair grow out so much. I’ve only used it on my legs and underarms (it’s a little annoying to have to keep your arms up while it’s working…), but I think they have a specially formulated one for bikini line, which I’ve never tried. It’s not a smelly as it was when I first tried it about 10 years ago, either 🙂

  3. From a fellow hairy person, I have this advice: Go and get a professional salon waxing, at least the first time. Like, a moderately expensive one so that you know the tech is using clean equipment, etc. It’ll hurt. A lot. (The blood involved in a good bikini wax is especially alarming.) But you will probably be happier with the results than with home-waxing (awkward, messy, painful), DIY epilators (awkward, painful), or NAIR (chemical burns, foul odour). Also, home hair removal tends to leave more ingrown hairs and/or breakouts that the salon stuff. Good luck!

  4. I tried Nair many years ago but I didn’t have a lot of luck with it. On the other hand, that was years ago and it might have improved. I think you should try it!

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