Chips for Supper

Avoiding the greatest thing on earth — chips for supper

Zombiewalk 2011


Because of my stupid work schedule this summer, I actually had time off to check out Zombiewalk for the first time!

The first zombies that I came across were these lovely zombie unicorns.

Everyone gathered at the Art Gallery to organize themselves.

Within minutes of me getting there, I already had collateral damage.  One zombie drank some blood and when she didn’t feel like swallowing it, some of it ended up on my leg!

All the zombies made their way down Robson to Denman and on to the beach. This created some big traffic hangups.  The police were all ready for the semi-street closures and had a handle on things.

Anyone hungry?  Some people really go all out in their zombification.

His neck and both arms were disintegrating…. and covered in maggots!

Zombies are were people too!

I don’t know if you can see it, but the guy in the black shirt and white suspenders has a zipper face!

What’s behind that head?

Yes there were even zombie babies! And yes, his intestines are coming out. Too cool!

When all was said and done, the zombies had to get home somehow. So this one took the bus.

At the end of the day, the Art Gallery was all peaceful again.


3 thoughts on “Zombiewalk 2011

  1. I love Zombie Walks! I try to catch the Toronto one when i can.

  2. I was driving with my two boys up Robson & was almost @ Thurlow when the Zombie walk begain. It was funny @ first until a few of the Zombies (in the teenaged age group) thought it was ok to touch & smear my white vehicle (& other vehicles) with their fake blood. People that participate in organized events like this really need to respect other peoples’ personal property. I can’t imagine what happened to the white Lamborgini that was a little ways behind me.

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