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Fall Preview Part 2: Returning Shows


Here are some of the renewed shows this season that I’m looking forward to. I hope they don’t jump the shark.
Don’t forget to look at Part 1: New Shows.  (In the brackets is the network and premiere date/time)

Bones (FOX, Thursday, November 3, 9pm)

Republic of Doyle (CBC, premiere date not announced yet)

Body of Proof (ABC, Tuesday, September 20, 10pm)

Criminal Minds (CBS, premiere date not announced yet)

Walking Dead (AMC, Sunday, October 16)

Law and Order:SVU (NBC, Wednesday, September 21, 10pm)

What other returning shows are out there and look good?


2 thoughts on “Fall Preview Part 2: Returning Shows

  1. Bones! Ugh, why does it have to be so far away?

    Two of my other favorites that will be returning this fall: Grey’s Anatomy and Dexter. Dexter is one of those shows that I put off watching FOREVER because I couldn’t get into the hype, but I watched all five (six?) of the seasons this summer, and I am hooked. GA, eh, it hasn’t been that great for a while. But I still watch it because I remember how great it used to be. 🙂

    • I was totally shocked when I found out when Bones starts. And it’s completely your fault that I’m watching it now. Way to go! *harumph*

      I don’t like shows like Grey’s. I’m not into those prime time soap operas. You can have them. And I have never seen an episode of Dexter. I’ve heard that Breaking Bad was really good though so I might have to watch that.

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