Chips for Supper

Avoiding the greatest thing on earth — chips for supper

It’s the end of the world as we know it


… and I feel fine.

No, really I do!

But it is actually the end of the world.  It must be! For I did something this afternoon that I never would have thought I’d do: Week 1, Day 1 of c25k!

That’s right! All 5’7, 8000 lbs of this girl actually did some running!  And I feel like I could go again.  I was a long distance runner in a past life (elementary school! so long ago…).

But now the real question is, when will I go out and do it again? If it all?

On a related note, I need to know a few things.  How do you carry your water bottle? How do you carry your keys and music device?  What type of headphones to you use? (my boobs kept making mine fall out of my ears boo)


5 thoughts on “It’s the end of the world as we know it

  1. I don’t carry any of those things – they all feel like they weigh me down. I usually leave my keys in a hidden place outside, I don’t bring a water bottle (just guzzle it after I get back) and headphones never stay in my ears, so it’s easier not to bother. Sometimes I just carry my phone in my hand when I run if I feel I need it with me for whatever reason,

  2. I used to run with my phone in my hand as I didn’t mind holding it and I liked having the bit of music. Heck, I would take some money and maybe plan my runs around friend’s homes to.stop in for a visit or a store to buy a drink if I got desperate. But I was never a serious runner.

    PiC won’t run with anything if he can help it. Dunno if that comes with the territory of a more serious runner or if it’s just a personality thing.

  3. Yay for starting! I love that program!

    I tie my car key into my shoe strings, or put it in the little pocket that’s built into my shorts.

    I use an ipod holder that’s supposed to go around your upper arm but I have it on my forearm so I can check my stats…I use the Nike app.

    For water, sometimes i’ll use a hydration belt that holds 2 water bottles (usually on long runs) or sometimes i’ll sit bottles out…depends on where i’m at and how long my run is.

    I got some nike headphones a few months ago and love them. They’re the type that has the band that goes over your head and the buds fit in your ears. Love them!

    Keep up running! Its the best thing I’ve ever done for myself!

  4. I’m an indoor runner, so I keep my water bottle in the cup holder. 😉 But for my iPod, I have an armband that velcros to my arm. To keep my headphones from driving me crazy, I pull them up my sleeve and through the back of my shirt. I use the Apple white earbuds. My key stays in my pocket usually, but I could stick it in the other cup holder on the machine.

    Way to go on the exercise! Keep it up!

  5. AHHH Welcome to the club! I’m excited for you!!

    I usually just run on the treadmill, but when I had to run outside, I had the same issues.

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