Chips for Supper

Avoiding the greatest thing on earth — chips for supper

Fast Food Fail: September 11-17


I’m reporting this in an attempt to lose weight.  I’m going to start with just updating on getting fast food (too often) or going to sit-down restaurants (more rare).  Eventually it might turn into posting all that I eat, or even how much I spend.

  • Sunday: Ate at home!
  • Monday:  C25K W2D1  but then I ended up eating poutine at the lacrosse game. And on the night before my scheduled weigh-in.  I also slightly hurt my knee but didn’t feel it until way later.
  • Tuesday:  Ate at home!
  • Wednesday: C25K W2D2 I tried going out for C25K again today but I could only do about 15 seconds of running. My knee just busted!  I did end up walking the 6.5km, but I was really disappointed with my knee.  Sushi with my student.
  • Thursday:  Sushi with my student (again).  And then later I bought chips. Very bad!!!!
  • Friday:   Ate at home!
  • Saturday: Ate at home!  
It’s one thing to not be able to go out because of a busted knee (which still hurts! after about a week), but then I had to go and ruin it all with crappy eating.  When I buy a bag of chips, I tend to eat the whole thing.  Way to ruin yourself!  😦
This has been a not-so-very-good week.

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2 thoughts on “Fast Food Fail: September 11-17

  1. I can be bad like that too, with chips. It turns into this mechanical mindless snack binge – I was particularly bad when I was eating chips AND watching TV (CSI days). Try buying a box of small sandwich baggies (although I hate advocating plastic bag anything) and portioning the chips out – then it’s not a matter of stopping yourself from snacking, it’s a matter of oh hey! that’s all the chips there were in this bag, and I still have 4 or whatever bags left! I dunno, I’m kind of organizationally anal so the task of ‘organizing’ the chips makes me oddly happy.

  2. So, I’m all about not depriving yourself while trying to lose weight. I think depriving yourself just leads to failure as you begin to resent your “diet.”

    But there are some foods that I CAN’T have in the house. One of those foods is chips. If there’s a regular size bag of chips in the house, I will pig out. If I’m going to eat chips (rarely), I buy either Fat Free Pringles (love!) or the individually sized bags of Doritos/Fritos/whatever. @littlespace’s idea of portioning out the chips ahead of time is great if you have the will power to limit yourself to one bag at a time. If not, I recommend the snack bags (even though they’re less financially smart than a big bag – but that’s why I rarely eat them).

    Pick yourself up, do better this week. You ate at home 4/7 days. That’s not bad! Just keep at it.

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