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…snooping through Facebook photos of my students:  Sometimes Korean girls are weird.  They take pictures with their fingers in a V. They put hearts and bows and other weird graphics on their faces.  But the new thing that they’re doing just baffles me. They’re blurring their mouths. ONLY their mouths.  What’s the reason? It doesn’t make any sense…. The rest of their head and the background are all normal but their mouths are just — blurred!

…people watching: I don’t know what it is, but I don’t get adults who walk pigeon-toed.  Isn’t that a childhood thing and mostly self-correcting?  I see it mostly in teenage Asian girls, who populate the local malls here, but I’ve also seen a lot of non-Asian-teenagers who walk that way.  If it’s a medical thing, sure. I get it. But the sheer amount of teenagers who walk that way makes me think that they’re doing it on purpose.

…going for a walk:  Why do guys wear their socks halfway up their calves? You don’t see girls doing that. Ever.  It just looks so uncomfortable (and ugly!).

…driving along the highway: Some drivers baffle me.  There’s a lot of construction going on the highway here, and every night there’s lane closures or whatnot. These closures are well-marked, and yet people don’t tend to see it. PAY ATTENTION!!!  I’m really tired of people who don’t change lanes until the last minute.  It’s not because there was heavy traffic and they couldn’t get in.  I was the only one in the other (non-ending) lane and yet I have to slow down because I have to anticipate that the guy will change lanes. And he doesn’t. Until he has to.

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