Chips for Supper

Avoiding the greatest thing on earth — chips for supper

Big Milestone ‘Round These Parts


My blog is officially 100 posts old! Who knew that that would happen…

Have a piece of cake, on me! (Damn… I haven’t had cake in forever. Who wants to make me some chocolate cake?)

In these past 100 posts I have

  • 2897 views all time
    • 180 views on my busiest day (because of the Zombiewalk)
    • an average of 12 per day
  • 6 categories
  • 7 grossroommate stories
  • weirdest search term that led to my blog: maggots in people
  • 3 active subscribers
  • 14 subscribers on Google Reader
I guess it’s not bad for someone who doesn’t have anything to say.  Now, if only I could get more people to read… my numbers seem depressing.

2 thoughts on “Big Milestone ‘Round These Parts

  1. Happy 100th post! Woo, I’m one of your Google Reader subscribers! Or, at least, I have you in my google reader…

    I think I get sad about my blog, too. Maybe if I wrote more… :/

    But yay you! Blog Blog Blog!

    • Yay! One google reader comes out of the closet! Still always disheartening to see the kinds of numbers I get. But oh well. Maybe it’ll pick up eventually when I actually have something interesting to say.

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