Chips for Supper

Avoiding the greatest thing on earth — chips for supper

Fast Food Fail: September 25 – October 1

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I’m reporting this in an attempt to lose weight.  I’m going to start with just updating on getting fast food (too often) or going to sit-down restaurants (more rare).  Eventually it might turn into posting all that I eat, or even how much I spend.

  • Sunday:  After getting free tickets to a Canucks game with oldboy, the Australians we were sitting with had a miscommunication and ordered too many hot dogs. So they gave them to us. And then oldboy and I had a slice of pizza each on the way home. (On a side note, MegaBite Pizza >> Fresh Slice Pizza)
  • Monday:  Ate at home!
  • Tuesday:  I had a wrap, a donut and hot chocolate from Tim Horton’s.  I was way out in the boonies buying new shoes and it had been more than a few hours since my last meal.
  • Wednesday:  Ate at home!
  • Thursday:  Ate at home!
  • Friday:  Fridays always seem to be bad for me. I don’t usually have anything to do so I tend to stay in bed too long which makes me eat to late. And because of this, I got to hockey and realised I hadn’t really eaten at all. So I ordered a tomato grilled cheese sandwich.
  • Saturday:   Straight from work to hockey, hence I grabbed a hamburger from A&W on the way.

I always knew that hockey was going to make me eat worse again.  Saturdays, especially since I usually go straight from work to hockey and I’ll need a meal. But I need to start eating earlier on Fridays, just so I don’t surprise myself and eat badly later on.  BAD ME!  Knee is 99% better so I also have to think about starting to go out again. In the rain (booo!).

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