Chips for Supper

Avoiding the greatest thing on earth — chips for supper

Hell’s Gate on Thanksgiving


Every Thanksgiving Day, Hell’s Gate closes down for the season. So in celebration, they have a pumpkin toss. If you bring a carved pumpkin, you get in for free.

So on Sunday, we all carved our pumpkins for the great pumpkin toss.

Yes of course, my pumpkin was math related.  It’s Euler’s Identity: 
Here are the rest of the pumpkins.

My sister managed to get a fantastic group shot.

So then on Monday, two of my sisters and I trekked out to Hell’s Gate.  To get there we had to drive through seven tunnels that they dug into the mountain.

Upon arriving, we were greeted with this display.

And then it was time to throw the pumpkins while on the tram. If you click on the pic to enlarge it and look carefully, you can see the pumpkins being thrown from the tram on the left.

We’re all aiming for the two targets on the ground (that we couldn’t see anyway).  Notice the pumpkin guts!

Here are just a few shots of what you can see while at Hell’s Gate.

There’s even a giant chair! (That’s not me)

3 thoughts on “Hell’s Gate on Thanksgiving

  1. How fun does this look! Even though I’m terrified of said heights and things that I could fall off and plummet to my death. Still looks tons of fun!

  2. A Euler’s equation pumpkin! How original! As an aside, I’ve always wanted to sit in a giant chair

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