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ABC’s of me!

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Well, this is going around the blogosphere, so I’m going to give a shout out to Vanessa over at Random Thoughts and Acronyms because I started mine after reading hers.

A-Age –  31. Although I sometimes tell students that I’m 23. Or when I’m in a bad mood, 80.
B-Bed Size – Queen. All for me. By myself.
C-Chore you hate – Cleaning the bathroom.  I actually don’t even mind doing dishes, and if I’m over I’ll do them for you!
D-Dogs – Never had any pets. Ever.
E-Essential start to your day – Waking up. If that doesn’t happen, then my day doesn’t start!
F-Favorite Color – Green. Sometimes blue. Definitely not pink!
G-Gold or Silver – Silver. I do not like gold at all. However, if you wish to bestow something gold upon me, then I wouldn’t refuse it.
H-Height – 5’7.  Or as all my students know, 170cm
I- Interests – Math, puzzles, anything to keep my brain working. Also, watching sports.
J-Job Title – Officially, math tutor, science tutor, SAT tutor. Unofficially, also friend, mentor, confidante, advice-giver.  All the job titles that go along with a pseudo-teacher-student relationship.
K-Kids – Do not want.  I’m ok with other people’s kids. I just do not want to push them out or raise them from infancy or anything.
L-Live – Burnaby
M-Mothers Name – Mom
N-Nickname – Bek (I hate this), Hey you!, Lazy Butt (thanks to mallboy)
O-Overnight hospital stays – None. The only reason I’ve ever had to go to the hospital for myself was to get stitches in the top of my head when I was 10. I still have the scar. It looks like gum.
P-Pet Peeves – Recently, bad grammar in commercials. There’s a new hair dye called “subliime” but the pronounce it “sub-leem.”  Also, the Speedyglass commercial. It used to be grammatically correct, but then they changed it to “Speedyglass repair. Speedyglass replace.”
Q-Quotes from films – Name that movie:  “This was my wish, my dream. And I’m taking it back. I’m taking them all back.”
R-Right or Left Handed – Depends on what I’m doing.  I drink with whichever hand has the cup on that side. I do jigsaw puzzles with my left only. I write and use a fork with right.
S-Siblings – One brother, and 5 — count’em 5! —  sisters. All of them younger than me.
T-Time you wake up – Whenever I feel like it!  Except on Saturdays. That’s one of the joys of working at 3pm. Except Saturdays I work at 9am so it’s hard to wake up that early one time a week.
U-Underwear – Always from La Senza.  Boycut, cheeky, but recently I’ve been thinking of getting a thong again. No reason.
V-Vegetables you hate – Brussel sprouts. Blech.
W-What makes you run late – I really hate being late. So much that I’m usually way too early for things. But mostly I can time it right so that I’m there exactly when I’m supposed to be there.
X-X-Rays – I’ve only had X-rays done on my teeth. I’ve never broken anything or even come close.
Y-Yummy food that you make – Cookies, cake, brownies, I think I’m a decent baker. Unfortunately I don’t have an oven or the storage space to keep baking ingredients.
Z-Zoo animals – Zebra. Love them. Hence why my twitter picture is a zebra-frog, and why I asked Brent Butt to draw me a picture of one (with a calculator, naturally)!


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  1. 5 sisters!? Ugh… No wonder you don’t want kids

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