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Avoiding the greatest thing on earth — chips for supper


Bloggy Secret Santa Project — The Results

This year, I had signed up for Serendipity‘s Bloggy Secret Santa Project.   I had fun shopping for my person and I just sent in the mail. (I would have sent it earlier but I had pneumonia! Crazy times.)

On Monday, I looked in my mailbox and I found this package, much to my delight!

And inside this package was a really nice wallet: (Love it!)

And this half-mug magnet:

I’ve only been to Montreal once, and that was in 1997. So I don’t have anything from that area anymore, but I’ve always wanted to go back for vacation.

But that was it. I had no idea who my Secret Santa was!! The only clue I had was that the return address was from Montreal. Not even a name on it, so that didn’t help me much at all.

However, when I looked in the mailbox on Tuesday, something red greeted me:

From the same address!  A second mailing from my Secret Santa? Interesting.

I open it up, and the first thing I see, on the front of the card, explains everything!

For those that don’t speak French, this translate roughly to “Christmas can only be made of happy moments.”

The best part of this second package is I actually found out who my Secret Santa is!  It’s Vanessa from Random Thoughts and Acronyms!  Doesn’t she have fantastic penmanship? I wish my writing looked like that, instead of chicken scratch!

I love that she tried to fulfill all the items on my wishlist!  (And don’t worry, Vanessa– you can’t really find kakuro puzzles out here anymore either. The company that made them for the dollar stores doesn’t make that book anymore.)



NOVICA Winnings

Way back on September 19, I found out that I won the $66 NOVICA giveaway from Minting Nickels.  (See? That’s my name right there!!!)

[On a side note, Daisy over at and I were having a discussion on how to pronounce NOVICA.

So.. is it it no-VEE-ka (my choice) or NO-vi-ka (Daisy’s choice) or something else entirely?]

Anyway… here’s what happened.  I tried getting something (I don’t remember what it was anymore) with the $66 that Minting Nickels gave me, but one of the codes wasn’t working.  I couldn’t redeem $16 of it.  I informed Lindy that it wasn’t working and it wasn’t that big of a deal. I would just redeem the $50 portion of it. However, she basically strong-armed me into taking an gift code to make up for the missing $16!  Man, that chick has some muscles!

So with my $50 gift card, I ended up getting this cute bag.

And… the unwrapping:

It was wrapped really nicely. I even kept this thick paper surrounding it to use for wrapping other gifts.

It has a long, 40″ strap, which is actually long enough for me to wear properly! (Stupid big boobs and their evil plan to prevent me from wearing proper clothing and accessories.)  I like the front, easy-access zippered pocket, and it comes with an inside pocket and a button closure on top.

There is even a hand-written card!


I haven’t been able to use it yet, but I figure it would be fantastic in the summer, where you can just throw stuff in it when you go to the beach.

Thanks again, Linday and NOVICA!

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Dollar Store Christmas

Anyone remember how many people are in my family? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

Well, since nobody remembers, I’m the oldest of 7 kids. Ergo, Christmas shopping can be insane. I can’t imagine how it would be once we start getting married off and popping out kids. It’s already bad enough.

Since everyone is poor and nobody really needed anything, a few years ago we started a tradition where we could only get something from the dollar store. Not only did this save everyone’s wallets, but it can also provide a few laughs as some of the gifts end up being gag gifts.

I do all my shopping at Daiso since they have some really weird and/or interesting items sometimes. Daiso is a Japanese dollar store.

Here is what I have purchased for ma familia.

For the mama: a face roller. See? Weird Japanese items sometimes. But who knows. The mama is getting on in age so maybe it will be useful to her.

For not-the-mama (see what I did there?): a giant thermometer.  He has a workshop in the backyard where he does all his work, and it gets rather cold in here. So this would be perfect for him.


For S2:  S2 is the artsy-crafty one of the entire gaggle.  And I saw this little guy and thought he was really cute.  It’s a piggy bank that you can paint yourself.

For S3:  S3 had just recently quit her job so she’s searching for something new. So I got her these two magnets: Dream and Destiny.

For S4:  This one. Baker. Chef.  S4 is always baking something, and has even made a wedding cake or 2 for her friends. So this new baking tin should help her in that regard.

For S5:  Last year, I got S5 the exact same gift but a different set. And she loved the other set, so… more cookie cutters for S5!

For B6: Something practical for the bro… He is in construction so he usually has to leave very early in the morning. So I figured that his windows would be all foggy when he turns his car on. So he gets a lovely window cleaner (I should have picked one up for myself!)

For S7:  S7 told me that she really likes owls right now, so if I could find something owl-ish that would be great. I searched the store high and low and couldn’t find any owl stuff, until I saw this cocked head peeking at me from the bottom shelf.

For grandma: I was informed that grandma would be spending Christmas with us again this year, so to get her a little more festive, she gets to be a reindeer!


We’ll be opening these up on Christmas eve, so I’ll post what I receive after Christmas. Hopefully I’ll get some good stuff, and not 9 copies of a Sudoku book!