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Dollar Store Christmas

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Anyone remember how many people are in my family? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

Well, since nobody remembers, I’m the oldest of 7 kids. Ergo, Christmas shopping can be insane. I can’t imagine how it would be once we start getting married off and popping out kids. It’s already bad enough.

Since everyone is poor and nobody really needed anything, a few years ago we started a tradition where we could only get something from the dollar store. Not only did this save everyone’s wallets, but it can also provide a few laughs as some of the gifts end up being gag gifts.

I do all my shopping at Daiso since they have some really weird and/or interesting items sometimes. Daiso is a Japanese dollar store.

Here is what I have purchased for ma familia.

For the mama: a face roller. See? Weird Japanese items sometimes. But who knows. The mama is getting on in age so maybe it will be useful to her.

For not-the-mama (see what I did there?): a giant thermometer.  He has a workshop in the backyard where he does all his work, and it gets rather cold in here. So this would be perfect for him.


For S2:  S2 is the artsy-crafty one of the entire gaggle.  And I saw this little guy and thought he was really cute.  It’s a piggy bank that you can paint yourself.

For S3:  S3 had just recently quit her job so she’s searching for something new. So I got her these two magnets: Dream and Destiny.

For S4:  This one. Baker. Chef.  S4 is always baking something, and has even made a wedding cake or 2 for her friends. So this new baking tin should help her in that regard.

For S5:  Last year, I got S5 the exact same gift but a different set. And she loved the other set, so… more cookie cutters for S5!

For B6: Something practical for the bro… He is in construction so he usually has to leave very early in the morning. So I figured that his windows would be all foggy when he turns his car on. So he gets a lovely window cleaner (I should have picked one up for myself!)

For S7:  S7 told me that she really likes owls right now, so if I could find something owl-ish that would be great. I searched the store high and low and couldn’t find any owl stuff, until I saw this cocked head peeking at me from the bottom shelf.

For grandma: I was informed that grandma would be spending Christmas with us again this year, so to get her a little more festive, she gets to be a reindeer!


We’ll be opening these up on Christmas eve, so I’ll post what I receive after Christmas. Hopefully I’ll get some good stuff, and not 9 copies of a Sudoku book!


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