Chips for Supper

Avoiding the greatest thing on earth — chips for supper

NOVICA Winnings


Way back on September 19, I found out that I won the $66 NOVICA giveaway from Minting Nickels.  (See? That’s my name right there!!!)

[On a side note, Daisy over at and I were having a discussion on how to pronounce NOVICA.

So.. is it it no-VEE-ka (my choice) or NO-vi-ka (Daisy’s choice) or something else entirely?]

Anyway… here’s what happened.  I tried getting something (I don’t remember what it was anymore) with the $66 that Minting Nickels gave me, but one of the codes wasn’t working.  I couldn’t redeem $16 of it.  I informed Lindy that it wasn’t working and it wasn’t that big of a deal. I would just redeem the $50 portion of it. However, she basically strong-armed me into taking an gift code to make up for the missing $16!  Man, that chick has some muscles!

So with my $50 gift card, I ended up getting this cute bag.

And… the unwrapping:

It was wrapped really nicely. I even kept this thick paper surrounding it to use for wrapping other gifts.

It has a long, 40″ strap, which is actually long enough for me to wear properly! (Stupid big boobs and their evil plan to prevent me from wearing proper clothing and accessories.)  I like the front, easy-access zippered pocket, and it comes with an inside pocket and a button closure on top.

There is even a hand-written card!


I haven’t been able to use it yet, but I figure it would be fantastic in the summer, where you can just throw stuff in it when you go to the beach.

Thanks again, Linday and NOVICA!


2 thoughts on “NOVICA Winnings

  1. How cute! Love it. I’m still pretty sure it’s NoVIKa.

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