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Bloggy Secret Santa Project — The Results


This year, I had signed up for Serendipity‘s Bloggy Secret Santa Project.   I had fun shopping for my person and I just sent in the mail. (I would have sent it earlier but I had pneumonia! Crazy times.)

On Monday, I looked in my mailbox and I found this package, much to my delight!

And inside this package was a really nice wallet: (Love it!)

And this half-mug magnet:

I’ve only been to Montreal once, and that was in 1997. So I don’t have anything from that area anymore, but I’ve always wanted to go back for vacation.

But that was it. I had no idea who my Secret Santa was!! The only clue I had was that the return address was from Montreal. Not even a name on it, so that didn’t help me much at all.

However, when I looked in the mailbox on Tuesday, something red greeted me:

From the same address!  A second mailing from my Secret Santa? Interesting.

I open it up, and the first thing I see, on the front of the card, explains everything!

For those that don’t speak French, this translate roughly to “Christmas can only be made of happy moments.”

The best part of this second package is I actually found out who my Secret Santa is!  It’s Vanessa from Random Thoughts and Acronyms!  Doesn’t she have fantastic penmanship? I wish my writing looked like that, instead of chicken scratch!

I love that she tried to fulfill all the items on my wishlist!  (And don’t worry, Vanessa– you can’t really find kakuro puzzles out here anymore either. The company that made them for the dollar stores doesn’t make that book anymore.)


3 thoughts on “Bloggy Secret Santa Project — The Results

  1. Ack! Jealous I didn’t see this before now! Next year! Also ❤ that wallet

  2. I just got your prezzie today!! Thx muchly. Luuurve the scarf (and, coincidentally, I left home w/o a scarf today and my neck was cold so it is a LIFE SAVING ZEBRA PRINT SCARF)

    Happy holidays!!

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