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Canada Day – Part 1


Every year, the firefighters in the city of Port Moody put on a pancake breakfast for Canada Day, raising funds for local charities.

I was surprised to find the parking lot this empty, because the last few years I went, you were fighting for a place to park.

And then I saw the line-up. That parking lot was deceiving.

Finally, 35 minutes later, I’m near the front of the line. And I finally see some firemen!!

I was surprised to have strawberries for my pancakes this year! Either it’s a new feature, or I always came after the strawberries were gone.  Everything tasted good, except the butter is always way too hard. I know it has to be refrigerated for safety reasons, but that makes it not spreadable.  McDonald’s juice? meh.  But better than coffee.

They had a few firetrucks on display, including this vintage truck.

Port Moody has these blue trees at city hall. Apparently they were painted with a biodegradable paint over a year ago for an art project and it was supposed to wash off in about 3 months. But they are still bright blue.

This year, the pancake breakfast raised over $17,000 for charities.


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