Chips for Supper

Avoiding the greatest thing on earth — chips for supper

Friday Fill-Ins (July 13)

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Every Friday, I’ll be participating in Friday Fill-Ins.

1. For the first time since I moved out of my parents’ house I can bake. I finally have a proper oven!
2. Going to the night market is one of my best memories of the summer so far.
3. My recipe for slow-cooker lasagna is one of my favorites because it is so easy to makeStay tuned for the recipe!
4. It will last for years to come.
5. It starts with a glance.
6. Vanilla is a fragrance I enjoy most in a candle.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to partying it up with @littlespace, tomorrow my plans include going for another walk and Sunday, I want to just chill!

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