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A funny thing happened on the way…

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On Friday, TheMan and I were going to have a BBQ at Rina‘s house.  But before we were to meet with her, we went out to Harrison Lake for the day.  The original plan was just to hang out there for an hour or two before heading back for the BBQ.  TheMan wanted to walk over to the boat launch, just to look at the boats.  We saw a couple launching their boat right when we arrived, and TheMan got all giddy and “really wanted a boat.”  Because of his enthusiasm, the couple invited us to go on their boat for a ride!

Look how excited TheMan is to be on a boat!


You can see how hazy it is in some of the pictures. The haze in Vancouver is partially caused by the smoke from the forest fires happening in Siberia right now.

And introducing the awesome couple that gave us that ride: John and Kelly!

Harrison Lake, about 90 minutes from Vancouver, is the largest lake along the south coast of BC.  They took us along the route in red, which took about an hour, so you can imagine just how big the lake is.

What’s cool about Harrison Lake is that the location actually has a couple of hot springs (hence Harrison Hot Springs) and the local pool is actually filled with the cooled-down waters from the hot springs.


One thought on “A funny thing happened on the way…

  1. I’m on a boat, I’m on a boat!

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