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Avoiding the greatest thing on earth — chips for supper

Birthday Puzzlement

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TheMan’s birthday is coming up. And I know what I want to get him. But I have to pick one of the many options out there. So I’m asking for help.

He really likes the urban artists Justin Bua and David Garibaldi*.  So I’m getting a picture from one of those to hang in our living room. It will be 36×24 or 24×36 depending on the orientation.  But I can’t decide which one I like best.  So of the following pictures, which one do you like?

Or if there are other paintings by either of those artists, or a similar artist that I don’t know about, please mention the in the comments.

*Fun fact: David Garibaldi is actually a contestant on America’s Got Talent right now.
*Other fun fact: TheMan kept forgetting Garibaldi’s name, and kept calling him Grimaldi. I sure hope he doesn’t like Grimaldi: a 17th century painter

The Options:

The Get Down – David Garibaldi

Urban Jazz Sessions – David Garibaldi

Skyhooked – Justin Bua

15ft Floor of Joy – David Garibaldi

El Guitarrista – Justin Bua



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