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Friday Fill-Ins: The Google Search Edition (August 17)

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Every Friday, I’ll be participating in Friday Fill-Ins.

The Google Search Edition

1. When _____. When is fathers day 2012? You’re asking this on August 16? I think you’ll have to do some explaining to a certain someone.
2. Where _____. Where is chuck norris? Right behind you. And behind me. At the same time. Anywhere he pleases. In other words, where ISN’T Chuck Norris?
3. How _____. Howrse? What is a howrse? A questioning horse? I’ve no idea.
4. Why _____. Why are manhole covers round? That is to prevent them from falling into the hole. Imagine if it was a square hole. Pick up the cover, align it on the diagonal, and it’ll fall straight to the bottom. Circles won’t do that. Go ahead: try to get a lid into its jar.
5. Time _____. Time in london. Did you know the Olympics are over? And the Paralympics haven’t even started yet. So unless you are going on vacation, or have relatives across the pond, why is this being asked?
6. What if _____. What if there was no google? I’m surprised google didn’t implode on itself when this was asked.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to cleaning (although, looking forward might be the wrong emotion), tomorrow my plans include watching Zombiewalk (remember last year?) and Sunday, I want to have blueberry pancakes at the farmer’s market!

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