Chips for Supper

Avoiding the greatest thing on earth — chips for supper

Bloggy Secret Santa Wishlist 2012

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I known I haven’t blogged in awhile. Like a ling while. I’ll update you all on my life at another time.

For now, though, since I’ll be participating in Serendipity’s Bloggy Secret Santa, I figure I should probably give a list of likes and dislikes so my secret Santa has an idea of what to give this stranger.

Likes: math, science,  blue, zebra, cool colours, traveling (although I don’t go away very often at all), learning in general, chocolate

Dislikes: girly things, pink, Sudoku (despite what you may think, my math makes me hate Sudoku because its too easy and I’ve been doing it for years before it became popular),  lace

See last year’s wish list.


One thought on “Bloggy Secret Santa Wishlist 2012

  1. Well, I managed to avoid all of your dislikes…and maybe the cheetah and the baboon thingies will make up for the lack of zebra 🙂

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