Chips for Supper

Avoiding the greatest thing on earth — chips for supper

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Bloggy Secret Santa Wishlist 2012

I known I haven’t blogged in awhile. Like a ling while. I’ll update you all on my life at another time.

For now, though, since I’ll be participating in Serendipity’s Bloggy Secret Santa, I figure I should probably give a list of likes and dislikes so my secret Santa has an idea of what to give this stranger.

Likes: math, science,  blue, zebra, cool colours, traveling (although I don’t go away very often at all), learning in general, chocolate

Dislikes: girly things, pink, Sudoku (despite what you may think, my math makes me hate Sudoku because its too easy and I’ve been doing it for years before it became popular),  lace

See last year’s wish list.


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How much did you pay for that?


Absolutely nothing.

While it’s my birthday on March 31, and I’m turning old [again], there are quite a few things that can make your special day that much more bearable enjoyable.  One thing that many companies all over the world do to create brand loyalty is offer free items or discounts for your birthday.

All of the companies listed have sent me an email or postcard, or just offer a promotion.  There are probably more out there.  These companies are also all in Canada, so the promotion may not apply to other countries. Check your local website.

Often, if you get an email promotion, you can just show it on your smartphone instead of printing it.

Also, many locations may ask for proof of your birthday as some people have been known to abuse these programs. So please enter your actual birthday and not a random date so that you can “steal” these promotions right away.  And watch out for expiration dates.


When you register a Starbucks card at or and use that card within 12 months of registration, you will receive a postcard in the mail near your birthday for a free drink.  Expires a few weeks after your birthday.

Why did I end up with 2 drinks? I ordered a large (I refuse to use Starbucks lingo) double chocolate chip frappuccino with the instructions “make it special” on recommendation of the barrista.  The second barrista who actually made the drink, put chocolate sauce on the inside of the cup so it drips down the sides, and then caramel sauce. The frapp itself has mint syrup in it.  Caramel and chocolate sauce top it off.  But when he put the frapp on the counter, I questioned if it was a large. Apparently, the original barrista grabbed the wrong size cup in the first place. So they just let me keep both! [Don’t worry, I didn’t drink both.  TheMan had the smaller one.]


If you drop into any Denny’s on your actual birthday, you get a free Grand Slam meal.

I don’t know if I’ll take part in this promotion. I’m definitely not a fan of Denny’s. I’ve been to many different Denny’s in different states and provinces and can’t say that my meals have been any good. But if you like Denny’s, here’s a perfect opportunity to indulge — for free!


If you sign up for Quiznos newsletter, you get an email for a free cookie with the purchase of any sandwich. Expires a few weeks after your birthday.

I haven’t gotten this yet. Since you have to buy a sandwich to get the free cookie, if Quiznos is part of your normal eating habits, then this is a bonus.  Might not be worth it if you never go to Quiznos in the first place.

Marble Slab

If you sign up for the Marble Slab newsletter, you get an email for a free medium ice cream cone with one mix in. Expires one week after your birthday.

I chose the green tea ice cream with fudge brownie as my mix in.  The green tea flavour could have been a little stronger, but it was really good anyway. FREE ICE CREAM!!

Vera’s Burger Shack

Vera’s is a local burger place so this only applies if you live in the Vancouver area.  If you sign up for the newsletter, you will get an email valid for $10 towards your purchase.  Note: only applies on your actual birthday.

I haven’t gone here yet since my birthday is on March 31.  One thing I like about Vera’s, (other than the fantastic burgers) is how they’re involved in the community and social media. They’re huge sponsors of the Canucks and their various charities. They’re also really active on twitter.  Every time I ask them a question on twitter, I get a response. The reason that you can only redeem the gift card on your actual birthday is that people have abused this promotion in the past.  Hopefully I’ll be able to go to Vera’s after work tomorrow but there aren’t any locations in my actual town.


If you are a Sephora Beauty Insider, you can receive a gift on your birthday. If you’re not, you can sign up for free. I walked into the store and asked for the free birthday gift, but you can also get it online. Expires within 14 days of your birthday.

I got fresh. Sugar Kisses Mini Lip Duo which consists of a plain lip treatment and a tinted lip treatment.  What you get might depend on your location and the time of year as I’m sure they have different birthday packages all the time. On the news, I saw someone had received a lotion from Sephora.

Tracycakes Bakery Cafe

This is a local bakery, so it only applies to people who live in the Vancouver area.  If you sign up for the email newsletter, you’ll get a postcard in the mail for a free cupcake during your birthday month.

I haven’t been able to get to Tracycakes yet since they only have 3 locations: Fort Langley, Abbotsford, White Rock. But hopefully since my birthday is on the last day of March that they’ll also honour this in April for me.

If you know of any more free birthday promotions, let me know in the comments. Even if it’s local to you, other people who live in your area may enjoy that promotion as well. 



Well that was interesting…

Just over a week ago my internet and TV both stopped working.  Just in time for Game 3 of the Canucks vs Blackhawks. So I had to go to Starbucks to watch the game on the internet.

While there, a good-looking guy caught my eye. And he even poked his around the corner again as he was leaving! I swear he was looking and smiling at me!

So I sent out feelers on Craigslist’s Missed Connections page.  I’ve used it many times and I’m always looking on it to see if anybody notices me while I’m out. So far, nada.  I’m un-noticeable.

But then late Friday night I receive an email in response to my post.  He described himself and the clothes he wore, but the clothes didn’t sound familiar.  But then again, I might not have paid attention to the clothes if he just walked past me and I only saw him twice.  So I agreed to meet him at Starbucks.


It totally wasn’t my guy. A little disappointing. And totally not the type of guy that I normally go for.  Also disappointing.

But he was nice enough.  Older than me.  I was just super tired tonight so I’m a lot less engaging than normal, which is usually really low anyway.  Caught him looking down at the girls a few times. Men…. they don’t change.

I also had Bell’s Palsy a few years ago and never 100% recovered.  So sometimes I look like I’m winking. And my eyelashes were sticking together. So I hope he doesn’t think that I was winking at him a lot.

As we were leaving, the Starbucks employee called us over to get free baked goods as it was closing time.  However, he put them in the same bag.  Does that mean he thinks we’re a couple? lol.

So the question is, do I see him again?

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What’s in a name?

I stumbled across this website recently and decided to check it out.

I always knew that my name was unique. My first name is spelled differently than normal. And my last name is a non-common Dutch name.  A quick search of shows only 3 houses with the same last name — in all of Canada!  They’re my parents, my grandma and my aunt and uncle.

Howmanyofme has shown me exactly how many I am:
There are 1,559 or fewer people in the US with my first name.
There are 116 or fewer people in the US with my last name (long lost relatives? The only family I know are the ones I mentioned).

So if you take that combination, there’s only 1 person (or fewer?) with my full name.  I guess it would have to be or fewer because I don’t live there but they have to count me.

If I go by my legal first name, the number jumps up to 38,969 with the same first name, but still only 1 person with the same full name.

I guess I’m just me. And nobody is copying me!